Pedestrians and Bike Connection between Barcelona and Esplugues

AIM created and performed the draft-project cycle path connecting Barcelona and Esplugues de Llobregat continuing Avenida Diagonal (under Park Cervantes)

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The idea is based on use of a tunnel (now disused) intended exclusively for motor vehicle and converting it for pedestrians and bicycles

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This new connection would create a new route for both pedestrians and cyclists. This new path would be a real alternative to motorized vehicles. Today the bikes have no direct access practical and pedestrians have to give a long roundtrip and has narrow sidewalks.

April 26th was published in La Vanguardia, that Metropolitan Area of Barcelona Authoriy (AMB), is performing the project and it would be a reality later this year (2014).

Link to the news -> La Vanguàrdia

Av. Diagonal - Esplugues