The diagnosis of the Cassà Mobility Study, written by AIM, is presented

AIM presented the diagnosis of the Study of Mobility of Cassà de la Selva source: el punt – avui This study will culminate after the participatory process with 6 sessions organized with 3 different themes: 1. Pedestrians and bicycles 2. Motorized vehicles 3. Parking. This study is based on the objectives of the Cassà Master Plan , where it is agreed “Consolidate and guarantee improvements in the management of mobility in Cassà de la Selva, through the

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Palafrugell presents the Bicycle Master Plan drafted by AIM

 Palafrugell city council presents the Bicycle Master Plan, drafted by AIM.   The objectives of the Master Plan have been the cyclablity of the whole municipality, making safety the main axis of work, as we believe it is key to increasing the use of this means of transport. In order to make it possible, several segregated bike lanes have been proposed, as well as the speed reduction at 30 and 20 km / h in different

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Diagnosis of transport services Adapted to the Alt Penedès region

AIM has developed the study for the Diagnosis of Transport Services Adapted to the region of Alt Penedès, thanks to the support of the Diputació de Barcelona. Specifically, the study analyzes the organization and management of the Adapted Transport Services existing in the main occupational centers of the region, assessing its possible optimization and defining fundamental criteria in order to guarantee the quality standards in the provision of transport services. However, the work also defines new

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AIM with the Express Bus Service

AIM has participated in the design of the express service e7 de la Vall del Tenes, an original idea from laPTP, implemented by the Government of Catalonia. link to the press –> Mancomunitat de la Vall del Tenes BUS EXPRESS  Mancomunitat 28-gen-2009 Durant el mes de febrer, l’empresa consultora AIM realitzarà enquestes presencials i telefòniques aleatòries a la ciutadania dels municipis de la Vall del Tenes que s’emmarquen en un estudi de mobilitat sobre el projecte de Bus Exprés que volunir

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Pedestrians and Bike Connection between Barcelona and Esplugues

AIM created and performed the draft-project cycle path connecting Barcelona and Esplugues de Llobregat continuing Avenida Diagonal (under Park Cervantes) The idea is based on use of a tunnel (now disused) intended exclusively for motor vehicle and converting it for pedestrians and bicycles This new connection would create a new route for both pedestrians and cyclists. This new path would be a real alternative to motorized vehicles. Today the bikes have no direct access practical

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AIM works in Barcelona designing new sections of bike lanes and improving the cycling infrastructure

AIM has developed some of the projects that the city of Barcelona has launched to get a safer city cycling network by improving dangerous intersections.   Clik the link to see the new from the original website –>  Nota de Premsa Aj. de Barcelona  L’Ajuntament de Barcelona aposta per fomentar l’ús de la bicicleta a la ciutat com a mode de transport sostenible. En aquest sentit, el Govern Municipal s’ha compromès a dur a terme un seguit d’actuacions per millorar

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AIM, with FGC, partners of the European project BiTiBi

Go to  press release FGC participa en el projecte europeu BiTiBi per promoure l’eficiència energètica El projecte té com a objectiu facilitar la intermodalitat bici-tren-bici FGC compta des de fa dos anys amb el servei que ofereix la Biciestació a l’estació de Sarrià del Metro del Vallès  Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya és una de les cinc empreses ferroviàries que formen part del projecte BiTiBi, guanyador de la convocatòria CIP-IEE-2013 de la Comissió Europea,

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AIM since 10 years!

This 2014 AIM has 10 years old! There have been 10 intense years which we have grown professionally. We want to thank all the customers we have had during this period. We worked with them honestly and responsibly to contribute for a future mobility projects together with our best wishes and capabilities. And from now on, we wanto to encorage them to continue trusting us with certainty that we will dedicate our efforts and dedication

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